Burton Wells Rec Center | 12pm - 5pm on Mondays
Buckwalter Rec Center | 12pm - 5pm on Wednesdays
    $45 for 45-minutes, 1-on-1       $35 for 1 month, 1-hour, Group Class      $10 for 1, 1-hour Group Class   


Come see Mister Ty'd instead of joining those expensive gyms!

Mister Ty'd has extensive experience as a Certified Personal Trainer. As a lifelong athlete (including playing football for the University of Rhode Island), he has a warm personality and a driving passion to help his students (ages 10+) achieve realistic, measurable results. 

Managing expectations with a trainer like Mister Ty'd is the key to creating new habits and maintaining motivation. Mister T sets a percentage of execution so you will realistically achieve your goal. Success with smaller goals leads to tackling larger ones!

Beaufort County Parks and Recreation has given Mister Ty'd full-authority to use all exercise areas and equipment at Burton Wells AND Buckwalter so you're assured an appropriate workout. Tell Mister T about your goals - he's a great listener.

Get on Mister Ty'd's schedule NOW by emailing him here RIGHT NOW!