Looking for a memorable, indoor way to exhaust your kids on a Saturday AND reinforce the skills they learned in swim lessons? Our inflatable challenge track is the answer... even for kids who aren't swimmers just yet (we have lifejackets available).

Every Saturday, our lifeguard staff transforms Battery Creek Pool into a floating playground complete with proper lifeguard surveillance and management. It's a fun, family atmosphere.

Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, and Crazy Uncles can also enjoy the 86-degree water while using the water aerobic weights to squeeze in a workout while the kiddos go nuts.

*Slip & Splash Saturdays is a brand-new program that is probationary. Its continuation is dependent on participation levels. 

**Annual, Monthly and Weekly Swim Memberships are not valid during this activity.

***Pool users should create a RecDesk Account prior to arrival

****Limit two (2) hours.