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Only at Buckwalter Recreation Center, these world-class sessions are a fusion of dance, boxing, cardio, and toning set to the beat of your favorite POP, HIP-HOP, and LATIN hits... Old School AND New School. With only four easy-to-follow moves per song, get ready to squat, punch, and groove your way into your 😁happy place😁with Taylor. Jungle Body classes (held all over the world) are consistently fresh, challenging & ready to flood your body with feel-good endorphins. The programs, found in over 20 countries, are about celebrating & empowering all body shapes, ages, sizes & fitness levels. The classes are inclusive, vibrant, welcoming & 100% stress-free. We're pretty lucky to have this in Bluffton.

Instructor: Taylor Newcomb

$8.00 per class, per person

No experience necessary

All ages of Adults but PERFECT for Men & Women ages 25-55​​

Thursdays, beginning January 4

6:15pm - 7:15pm

Buckwalter Recreation Center


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