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1. Regular admission rates apply for humans as though they are swimming.

2. Limit of two (2) friendly canines per human.

3. Humans are not allowed to swim.

4. Canines must be on a leash entering and exiting the facility.

5. Canines must wear a collar while swimming.


6. Humans must provide written proof of Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations before admission.

7. No aggressive canines or canines in heat allowed in or around facility.

8. Canines must be taken to the potty before entering the facility and taken regularly to avoid accidents.

9. Humans must obey lifeguards at all times.

10. Lifeguard staff reserves the right to refuse service for any reason that they believe may lead to an unsafe situation.

You're pretty much guaranteed that you'll get the perfect pic of your lovable pooch! Join the Aquatics staff at Charles Lind Brown Pool as they let the dogs have the LAST DAY of the season.

Directions to Lind Brown Pool

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